Is Jesus Coming Back
Is Jesus Coming Back

Is Jesus Coming Back?

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It’s the question that’s losing interest and a promise that has seemed to fall a bit short. Is Jesus coming back? Is this it? Are we approaching the end? Do we even believe there really is an end? And for those of us yelling from the rooftops that we indeed believe Jesus is coming back, we have to be honest and ask ourselves if our actions reflect that ideology.

Sometimes, I think we’re like Sarah, when she laughed. Years before this moment, God made Abraham a promise – that He would make him a father of many nations. But time went by, and Sarah had no children. And then one day, the Lord visited Abraham. God told Abraham that Sarah would bear him a son. Sarah considered her age and decided to mock God.

Fearing Hope

Before one judges Sarah too harshly, remember that time has a way of sowing seeds of doubt that lay roots which slowly eat away at our hope. So much so, that a wedge can form in between us and our ability to believe in God’s promises and His power. Even in the midst of God Himself, Sarah laughed because of her doubt. She laughed because of how foolish the idea sounded given her age, but most importantly, she laughed because hope may have seemed too painful of a proposition. Who wants to believe in what will not happen? Hope can feel a bit cruel when misguided.

And so, to ward off disappointment, we often require Gideon like moments – we want signs and miracles. God’s word isn’t enough. His promises seem too fragile; our humanity and sinful nature seem too great. Sarah’s laughter is a powerful reminder that even in God’s presence, a lack of faith will cause us to doubt His promises. In other words, God could come down to Earth, sit with us, and tell us Jesus is coming back and there’s still a chance we would not believe Him. No one is above doubt, and no one is above wanting to protect themselves from the pain of what may not come to pass.

And so, we ask ourselves – is Jesus Coming Back?

Yes, yes He is. But with each generation that passes, we laugh a little louder. Some would say it’s hard not to given how much time has passed. The fear of judgement has worn off, and the lives we’re focused on building have been gods to us. And so, we miss the signs all around us that we’re living in some seriously strange times.

We’re fighting on too many fronts. We’re trying to tackle climate change, women’s reproductive rights, police killing unarmed black people, the cruel treatment of the people of Sudan and concentration camps for immigrants – at the same time. And that’s barely scratching the surface. It can feel overwhelming to stand for what’s right when you believe so much has become so wrong. Many of us are hoping it’s a phase – that we turn the corner and so many of these problems will disappear, but they’re not.

And as the world continues to spiral, it’s so critical that we stop doubting and we start holding onto God’s promises. I have no fear to give you to try and force you believe in the promise of Jesus’ return. Our judgement will be the result of our choices, for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. (Matthew 6:21) I can only say this – time is the indicator of all truth, but it’s not our time. It’s God’s time, and we must never forget that.

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