The Motto for Love’s an Action

Any chance that we have to inspire change is a choice worth taking. I used to think that I had arrived when it came to this journey, but I have now discovered that it is only beginning. I’ve always believed that people could change. It was just a question of choice, and if I had to sum up what that actually meant to me, it would be this:

The Power of Choice Manifesto

Love's an Action

Change starts with just one choice. Find power in making that choice. Our journeys begin when we look past pain and fear to find joys left to be discovered.

Even when your path is not understood by others, choose to press forward anyway. Find strength in what has already been overcome; it will prepare you for the trials ahead. Endure with patience. Find peace in forgiveness. Be thankful for the shelter in the midst of the rain. Listen with humility. Respond with honesty.

Our refinement process will involve pain because our greatest achievements will require sacrifice. Our utmost love will demand risk. Accept the outcomes. Meet adversities with grace. Extend mercy in disappointment. When it seems that all else has failed, do not be discouraged. Choice is not meant to change our situations. It’s designed to change us.