We Are Black Diamonds.

To us,

You and I… are beautiful creations…each of us as unique as we are alike. In a world where we are feared, mocked, and killed, we are expected to watch on the sidelines as our culture is stolen and mere scraps are left for us to devour. During times, such as this one, we have to remind ourselves that taking on what other people try to place on us is simply optional. You and I are not defined by anyone other than ourselves. Assimilation is not our only option for success. We too, can walk away from the scraps and create our own fields of gold, because you and I… we are greatness.

We are black diamonds sprinkled like stars in the midnight sky. We shine ever so brightly even when others cannot see it. Inside of us lies a power waiting to be tapped, extracted, and projected. We owe it to ourselves and those who surround us to reach for our greatest potential. Our history has taught us that even in the midst of terrible circumstances and racial injustice, that with grace, we are able to cultivate ideas into dreams of the future, and then make that future our present. I will not be your statistic. I will not be your footstool.

I am not the person you have killed in cold blood. I am alive and I’m getting ready to reach unimaginable heights. I believe greatness is attainable… peace is reachable… and love is possible. With each seed I plant, I’ll remember that love starts from within and then spreads throughout. I will work in my communities to help us find value in accepting each other, even when society tells us to accept no one.

No matter what they take from us, hold your head high. They can’t take your soul…so walk in your path. Leave no room for insecurities. Face your fears because it is fear that makes people try to convince us that we deserve less. Feel free to pass on that myth. You and I are not constrained by the boxes they attempt to put on us.  We will not limit ourselves to make you comfortable. We are black diamonds, sprinkled in the midnight sky.

I know that I have a journey I have to take…as do you. So walk in your path. Know that there’s pain. Recognize the struggles. Let go of the disappointment and own your greatness. In a world that says we are lackluster, where racial injustice feels all to common, look in the mirror and have the courage to love the person staring back at you. Work hard to become everything those who have died never had the chance to do. No matter your circumstances or past misdeeds, there is still an opportunity to discover the magic building inside of you. Find it, embrace it, and share it. There’s no telling what you can do or how we can still change this world.

Love’s an Action. Let’s love ourselves everyday.

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