It's Time We Say Goodbye
It's Time We Say Goodbye

It’s Time We Say Goodbye

I think it’s time we say goodbye. It’s okay that I want more; it’s okay that you want less. And with that equation, it’s okay that we part ways. Our goodbye will always carry more weight than our hello, because goodbye indicates there was more than just a beginning. There was a middle…and it in, we struggled to find reasons to stay as we ignored the reminders that it was time to go.

Breaking Up

If life has taught me one lesson, it is this. You can prolong a goodbye for as long as energy allows it, but in the end, it will come. It always does. We can build up the middles as high as we’d like, but that doesn’t stop the damage of an ending equally as low. Our persistence is misplaced hope, our resilience fueled by fear. We don’t want to let go of the old dreams, because we aren’t really sure where to put in the new ones. Yet, we owe it to ourselves to find the courage to not just want more, but to live in a reality where we get more.

Dreams weren’t meant to be built around people. They were meant to be constructed around principles. Where are yours? Where are mine? And what happens when they become lost? Look for the breadcrumbs and follow the trail. With God, we are never lost, but He isn’t going to force us to be found either. If we define our standards, then we fall back on them. If we don’t have them, now, more than ever, it’s time to create them. Why? Because in order to say goodbye, you have to do more than remember why you kept saying hello. You have to remember the middle, and not the edited version you play back in your mind where bad isn’t so bad, and good becomes great.

It’s the honest, unfiltered version that gives us our greatest sense of truth. By facing the middle, we begin to understand this wasn’t a situation in which we should be content. Instead, it was, and still is, a time to depart. Today, more than yesterday, we need to be at peace with saying goodbye. What or whom we need to let go of may differ. The time it takes to heal may take longer than desired. But with God at the center of our decision making process, we know that we’ve made the best decisions for the situations we’ve set before ourselves.

Time is a gift from God. It is entirely too valuable…our hearts too vulnerable…our futures too wonderful, to delay them by holding onto today. It’s okay that it’s time we say goodbye. It just gives us one more reason to say a new hello.

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