Separated from God
Separated from God

God is never separated from us.

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Have you ever pulled apart your home in search of the simplest item? I have, because when I set my mind on finding something, I’m committed to locating it at all costs. Once I do, I usually look around at pillows strewn about, drawers left open, and papers scattered. I ask myself – was it worth it? The answer is always the same – yes, yes it was.

It never feels good when we’ve lost something… or someone. I have spent countless moments figuring out how to not let it happen again so that I don’t have to feel the same discomfort. What organizational system do I need to put in place? What behaviors do I need to break? What do I need to do to secure my peace?  Yet, somehow, no matter how many safeguards I put in place, something happens… because life happens. I try to remind myself that I’m not perfect, and that loss is inevitable – but that doesn’t seem to temper the emotions that overcome me.

Separation from God

There is another kind of loss that weighs on our souls in much more profound ways – whether or not we realize it – and that’s the loss we feel when we disconnect from God. Satan was the first to experience this pain once he rebelled against God and was kicked out of heaven. Unable to return, he put his efforts into leading humans astray. Adam and Eve were the first to fall here on Earth. Once they disobeyed God, grief and guilt began to set in and they too experienced separation from God.

After Adam & Eve sinned, God came to the garden, and so they hid. (Genesis 3:8). God called out, and Adam responded – “I heard Your voice in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; and I hid myself” (Genesis 3:9-10).  There are immediate implications when we make choices that cause us to separate from God. We start to see ourselves differently and we turn even further away from God. Whether it is shame, fear, or feeling like God doesn’t care, the result is still the same. We widen the gap between us and God, instead of working to close it.

God’s Mercy

Adam and Eve had to pay the price for their sin. God told them if they ate of the tree, or even if they touched it, they would surely die. (Genesis 3:3.) And so, their sentence was laid out before them. They could no longer eat of the tree of life. They were unable to stay in the garden of Eden. Instead, life would be difficult, and death was inevitable.

Nevertheless, God still had mercy upon Adam and Eve. He made them clothes (Genesis 3:21) to cover their nakedness. He met their physical needs while planning for their spiritual ones – as well as ours. And thus, the plan of salvation was set in place. God never stopped loving Adam and Eve, and He never stopped trying to reach them in the same way He tries to reach us. God says, in Revelation 3:20:

Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.

But What About Us?

There is a hopelessness associated with what we’ve lost forever. There is a satisfaction in finding what we need. No matter the state we are in, there is beauty in knowing God is never separated from us. Our circumstances do not have to alter our connection. In the lowest of valleys, He is beside us. In the highest of peaks, we can rest assured He has carried us. His love is there to protect us, guide us, and comfort us.

Nevertheless, life can be difficult. There will be disappointment and distraction. We live in a world of sin – and no matter who promises you that their solution means no pain – it’s not true. We win today. Tomorrow, we are challenged. Yet, that’s okay. With God, we have the power to stop running from what hurts, and the strength to conquer our pain. Our choices may cause us to feel separation from God, but rest assured with different choices, we can reconnect. Don’t let life convince you otherwise. Instead, seek to find God. Search for Him with all of your heart, and He will make Himself known unto you.

Have you ever felt spiritually lost and then reconnected with God? Please share your experiences below.

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